Triggers not working for survey using variable text fields

Dec 23, 2020


I created a training last year that utilized variables to allow for people to answer a quiz question and complete a text box entry on the same page, and be able to report on both fields. (See 2020 Conflict of Interest Survey). It worked like a charm, and I was able to report as needed.  The article I used to help me create this training is here:

Today I did a "Save as" to use the same file for this year, just updating some dates and language. See 2021 Conflict of Interest Survey. The triggers used to skip over blank question slides (see slides 9 and 10) don't seem to be working now and I don't know what's different. I tried publishing it with SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2 and neither work in the copied version. Our LMS is SAP Litmos. Would love some help figuring out what why the exact same triggers are not working in the copied version, when I didn't change them at all. (I tested out the 2020 version in our LMS and it worked).

Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Adriel,

Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing in your published projects. I was able to take a look at both files that you shared, but I'm seeing the same behavior in both files.

Do you have the published output files from the 2020 version that's working in your LMS? I'd like to take a look at the behavior and double-check the version used to create the course.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Adriel!

Thank you for sharing the zip folder! I've imported the course into SCORM cloud to see how the course behaves in an LMS. I noticed there was a flash when reviewing the quiz so it looks like maybe the timeline was adjusted and/or the Advance Behavior was set to Automatically rather than By User.

Does that sound familiar? I've made these changes to your 2021 file.

Angie Jensen

Interesting...that does make sense based on what I want to happen. I looked back at the 2020 version and the advance settings were all set to "by user" but perhaps that's something that got changed somehow after the initial publishing. 

I previewed what you sent me and it looks like it's working as it should. I'll publish it and try it out in the LMS, and will confirm if this solved the problem. Thank you! :)

Angie Jensen

It worked! So awesome, thank you. One thing I noticed is that it's moving really slow through those two slides that i want it to automatically advance. Any idea why that might be going so slow? Like are my triggers slowing things down or is there anything else there that you can see that might cause the delay? If no that's ok - just figured I'd ask. I can maybe put a note on the previous slide that there will be a delay or something. People get impatient and while it's probably only about 5 seconds total, seeing a blank screen for that long will probably cause some folks to message me about it.

Angie Jensen

Thank you Lauren,

that is a good idea. My concern is that it would affect the other actions happening on those slides - those triggers that set some variable fields and submit the responses. i have a trigger right now that says to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends - if I shorten the timeline would that work? i wasn't sure how long the slide needed to be "active" in order for those triggers to do their thing.

Angie Jensen

Awesome, thank you! I think i have it working the way I want to. I do have another question, I know it's not related to this topic but I'm wondering if you can perhaps point me in the right direction? I want to report on the scorm interactions in that survey - but the interaction titles are just the Scene/slide info (like Scene1_Slide8_ShortAnswer_0_0). I've seen somewhere in another discussion that if you publish the file as a SCORM 2004 file it will report the actual question text in those slides as well, but is the ability to report on that info just dependent on the LMS capability? I'd like to be able to pull a report showing the question and response but right now i can only see the interaction title as above and that makes it a little confusing when reporting. Does this make sense? If you know of another help topic that could give more info on this, please feel free to point me in the right direction!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Adriel!

Good question! To send question text to your LMS, publish for SCORM 2004, Tin Can API (xAPI), or cmi5. To publish cmi5 courses, you'll need Storyline 360, the latest version of Storyline.

You'll see the question text in the report pulled in the Learning Management System. If your LMS doesn't include the information in their standard report, you might consider creating a custom report in your LMS. 

I hope that helps!

Angie Jensen

Good afternoon,

I checked with our LMS vendor, SAP Litmos, and they said that I can get the field for question text to show up in our reporting fields if I do the following: 

We can get this title in our Litmos Report section if your SCORM file is configured in Authoring toll to pass it over. The parameter which needs to be added is cmi.interactions.n.student_response and in SCORM 1.2 is limited to 250 characters long and if you need more like 400 we will need you to create SCORM 2004.

Can you tell me if there's anything special I need to do when I publish my course to make sure that this parameter exists somewhere (aside from publishing in SCORM 2004)? Does this happen automatically or do you have guidance on how I could make sure it's set up that way when I load it in to the LMS? I really want to be able to use this Storyline file, as the LMS content builder just doesn't have the survey capabilities I need. This advice just goes a little bit beyond my understanding. Would appreciate your help. Thank you!