variable display not working in new project on Mobile

Hello all.  I have a project that leverages the calculator modules that have been posted previously to enable a touch screen to function as expected.  This has worked great in the past but for some reason in my current project it functions correctly in review on computers but not ipad or android  I dont have an iphone to check that.  Through some troubleshooting I have determined that the input is working but the display is odd.  The variable does not display as it changes, although it does on the computer. 

If you carry on to the next screen the display is off for the variables there as well on ipad and worse on android.  On android it did not do calculations as it does on the other devices.

Here is a link to the review file with a cut down version so you can just use the input keys.

You can enter a weight on the keypad and then press the round key below "NEXT"  Then you can press the soft key beside "DOSE" and enter 5.  That will calculate the rate to 18.8. 

On a computer this will function perfectly.  On an iPad or phone the display of variables will be invisible or off alignment.

I tried putting it into a Rise program to make it responsive and that did not help either.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


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Partial update.

Must have been a file corruption.  One of my variables will hide no matter what I do.  I added a new variable and made it mimic the current one and it will show on screen.  Still no idea on the alignment issue in iPad but less concerned with that.

Working with support on the case.