Triggers not working you click PREV

May 16, 2017

It looks like there is a bug in our course, see attached. The Next button is not appearing on a specific slide when you come back to it. For example, after completing all the scenarios and going to the next slide and then coming back the next button is not appearing. I went NEXT and then PREV, the NEXT button disappears when you do that. It does not matter if it 2 Scenario’s or 4.
It works until you click the Prev button and then all of the triggers are gone.

Why is this happening and how can this be fixed? This has now been translated into 16 languages.


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Walt Hamilton

When you go to PREV, then return to Home, NEXT is set to hidden, and this trigger doesn't reset it to normal. "When state of" seems to work (if at all) if it is being evaluated at the point when one of the states is changing. Since you were already at Home, and the states changed, they don't change again when you revisit, so the trigger doesn't notice. At least, that's what I think happens, I've never been able to predict when "When state of" will work. What I do know is you don't need it,  you already have everything you need to guarantee that it will always work; variables, adn you are already using them.

Just change the trigger to change the state of NEXT to normal when the timeline starts if all the section complete variables = True.

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