Triggers on sounds

Here's the scenario:  I have a "choices" slide with 6 buttons, each branching to an explanation of one of the tasks to be done.  At the end of the task scene, the user is returned to the "choices" slide. The button goes to a completed state based on the change of a variable on each task.  All that is working fine. Then the SME said they didn't want the same audio to play each time the use revisited the "choices" slide, so I put a trigger on the sound so it will only play the first time the slide is visited and suggested a short "make another choice" sound for the next time(s) the slide is visited.  OK, but NOW the SME wants to know if we can use audio like "one down four to go" etc.  My brain cannot wrap around an easy way to do that!!  Any suggestions?

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Michael Hinze

Hi Ellen, since you already have variables that signify completion of any of the six topics, you could use the same variables, and with some additional math play a specific sound file, based on the number of completed topics. See attached a rough sample and here is the published version. Hope that gives you some ideas.

Ellen Wahlen

Thank you, Jesse and Michael.  I used Jesse's idea and created a variable that counts the completed tasks, then just added an additional trigger when each task is completed to add 1 to the variable.  Each sound plays at a different "count" on the new variable.  Thanks so much. Great idea and easy. Storyline is a double edged sword.  Each time I do something cool (often with the help of the Heroes, since I am self-taught and not so computer literate), I am asked to do something even cooler.  So far, I have been able to deliver and all my workmates think I'm a genius!  Got them fooled!!  It's the Heroes that are the geniuses (but I get the credit at work!)!!