Triggers overriding each other


I'm working on a course that has both text variables and check boxs that have to be filled in or selected and I have run into a wall. I have set up a numeric variable to count if the correct pieces have been selected or entered. I have "if equals to" conditions triggering the triggers for these and it then shows the correct layer. When I go to add "if not equal triggers" conditions then it shows the incorrect layer even if everything is selected correctly. Look forward to suggestions! 


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Eric Betz

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Eric!

Thank you so much for sharing your .story file with us! After taking a look at your project, it would be best for our Support Engineers to step in and offer their expertise to determine which triggers might be getting in the way. I've opened a support case on your behalf. Our team will take a look at your project and continue the conversation with you via email.

I'll be following along to see what the fix is!