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I have a slide that plays audio, and at specific points in the audio, goes through an animation where it shows content on other layers and then returns back to the base layer. There is no user interaction with the objects based on the client's request. I want that when a user plays the slide the first time, the next button is disabled until the audio finishes... which I have successfully done with two triggers: 1) Change state of next button to disabled state when timeline starts, and 2) Change state of next button to normal state when timeline ends.

However, when a user revisits the slide, I don't want that restriction on the next button to be there. I want the user to be able to advance at their leisure. Is there another trigger I can set up that would accomplish this? 

- Hiba

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Hiba

create a T/F variable called slidex_Visited.  Set the variable to change to True when the timeline ends on the slide.

Edit your next button trigger to 

Change state of next button to disabled state when timeline starts on condition slidex_Visited is not equal to True.

Be careful of the order of your triggers, make sure the set variable trigger is before the jump to next slide (personally I would put at the top of the trigger order)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Hiba

slidex was just an example name for the variable in case you wanted to create variables for other slides you can call it whatever you want.

so if this was happening on slide 7 you could name the variable slide7visited.  Just remember once you set a variable you need to trigger to reset it if you wanted this behaviour on other slides - you'd need to create other variables or keep resetting this variable...I would recommend individual variables as it's easier to keep control of them.

Hiba Ismeail

Thanks Wendy! Okay so I created the variable - I called it slide 2_6_Visited because it's slide 2.6 in the second scene. I got the triggers set up (please see screenshot), but the next button doesn't turn to normal when I'm viewing the slide for the first time and the timeline ends. What trigger would I need for this?

My default value for the variable is false. And I only need the variable for this particular slide, so that makes it easy.