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I have three layers, which from bottom up are named Continuity (base), Your Role, and Consequences. I set triggers at each layer to show the next layer (by name) when the user clicks the Next button. After being entered, no triggers appear on the layer ion which I entered them. All appear on the base layer, Continuity. When previewing the slide, only the first and last layers appear. The middle one is skipped, even though the trigger appears on the base layer. The order of the triggers are show layer Your role, show layer Consequences, and jump to next slide.

What am I missing?


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Annie Jean

Hi Rives,

I am not quite sure that I understand everything but... to specify that kinf of navigation, from a base layer, to a layer, to the following layer, etc. you need to use customized navigation button. Are you using cusomized buttons?

Hope it helps, and have a nice day!

Don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.


Phil Mayor

Or add conditions and use a variable that increments.

e.g. show layer 1 if variable = 0

then add a trigger that adds one to the variable the layer opens.

then show layer two if variable = 1

then add a trigger that adds one to the variable the layer opens.

then goto next slide if variable = 2

That would work on the next button

Rives Hassell-Corbiell

Hello Annie,

I did not add buttons at all. I just programmed the player "Next" navigation button using the trigger wizard.

I can understand the concept of using something like a button on one layer that links to the next layer. I appreciate knowing that.

Could the inconsistency I experienced be a bug?  Or simply that the player navigation buttons are not to be used for layers?

If the former, for whoever might be interested, the inconsistency was that I used the trigger wizard to create several triggers that use the player navigation button to move from the base layer to subsequent layers. The actual action during Preview mode was a jump from the base layer to the final layer upon use of the navigation "Next" button, skipping the in-between triggers and layers. 

Thanks for that bit of knowledge, Annie. I spent all morning trying to figure it out. Hope you have a happy holiday.


Rives Hassell-Corbiell

Hi Phil,

I added a variable and that worked for me. Many thanks for the additional idea. I appreciate your help.

I want to say that the support system here was a deciding factor for me to purchase Storyboard. Thanks for confirming that help is willingly shared with all levels of expertise.


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