Triggers/states misbehaving

In some of my slides, I want users to mouse-over the images, which changes them from monotone to colour, and also colours a text label. Then if they click on the image, it brings up a layer with relevant text, and also changes the state of the text label to selected (coloured).

I’ve used states and triggers to achieve this, and mostly it works well – but I have a couple of image/slide/state/trigger instances that are just not behaving, and I can’t figure out why! On these misbehaving ones, the selected state of the text label disappears when the mouse is moved off the image (the text label reverts to the initial normal state). On the functioning images, the selected state stays until another image is clicked. On one slide, 4 of the images work fine, the other one doesn't.

I have checked everything I can think of – master slides, trigger order, arrangement of the elements – I’ve even deleted and recreated the offending images and labels!

Has anyone else encountered this and how did you solve it? Thanks!

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