Triggers & stoping/pausing media

Happy Friday!

I wonder if anyone can help. I am working in S2 creating a slide that has 13 buttons, each time a user clicks a button a piece of media plays. I am trying to work it so if one media is playing, and the user clicks on a second button, the media from the first button will stop and the second one will start (does that make sense?).

The only way I think would work, is creating SO many triggers to do a stop/pause media for each button i.e stop media 1 when 2 is clicked, stop media 1 when 3 is clicked, stop media 1 when 4 is clicked....and so on and so on and so on for every button combination.

Is there ANY other way I can do this?

Thank you so much,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, GIllian -- Thanks for reaching out with your question, and it sounds to me like you are describing something similar to what was posed over here. Perhaps you might want to share your file in case others in the community are able to take a look at offer some other suggestions for what you are hoping to achieve! :)

Walt Hamilton

Easiest: Put each media on its own layer and set it to play when the timeline of the layer starts. (If the layer has nothing else on it, it won't show, if that 's what you want.) Set each layer to close the other layers.

When the user clicks, show the layer. When they click another media button, the first will be hidden, and will stop.

Note that this will restart each media clip each time the user clicks it, whether they have listened to it all or not.

To pause and later resume in the same place needs a little more work. Create a unique T/F variable for each media to indicate if it is paused. When the layer starts, resume the media if it is paused, and if it is not, play the media and set the variable to paused.  That way if another layer interrupts it, the variable will show it was paused. If it plays all the way through, when the media completes, set the variable to not paused and hide the layer.