Triggers that effect items on other slide

Is it possible to create a trigger that will change the state of an item in a different slide?

I have a navigation page which the user can navigate to different chapters in my SL. However, it is also possible to simply click the Next button and view everything sequentially. So, if the user decide to go back to the navigation page, they can't tell which chapter has been visited and which they didn't review yet, because the buttons weren't clicked.

Is there a way to create a trigger that will change the state of button A in slide 1, when the timeline starts at slide 2?


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Christophe Jacobs


What you need is a variable (according to my scheme):

So if you want an action to be taken into account somewhere else in you project, use a variable.

Step 1: Create a new variable.

In our case we can use the label 'VisitedChapter1' for our example. We use a true/false variable since we want it to behave like an on/off switch. Once we say it is ok, the variable needs to change. By default we set it to False because at the start of the e-learning they did not visit the chapter.

Step 2: Change the variable.

Once our user reaches the end of a chapter we want the variable to change. So we make sure that when they click the button to return, the variable is changed. And make sure that this trigger is happening before the jump to the other slide (otherwise it is not executed!).

Step 3: Create the action on the overview slide.

Now on the slide where you want the action to happen, make sure that you add a conditional trigger. It is like a normal trigger, only you need to click on the 'SHOW CONDITIONS' button to add a condition. So when the timeline of my overview slide start, I can now make a checkmark visible by changing it's state from hidden to normal.

I add a storyline file in attachment so you can see it in action.

Of course you can change the moment when the variable changes. You can check if the chapter is visited by adding step 2 to the first slide of your chapter when timeline starts.

Variables are fun, so experiment!


Stuart Wardale

Hi, new to Articulate and need some support on this. what I am not understanding from the example Christophe provides is how the check mark appears as disabled/invisible on the original slide and at the start of the scene. I'm trying to replicate this and the item I want to appear after the trigger is there from the start....HELP!