Triggers that will only show slides based on quiz results

How do I create a trigger/triggers that will only show slides based on quiz results? Is this possible?

This course is for re-assessment purposes. Assess current knowledge, then only show necessary course sections for where their knowledge is lacking (based on the answers they got incorrect in the quiz)

Basically, I only want the users to view the sections in the course that are relevant to them which will be triggered by the questions they got incorrect.

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Kevin Hayes

Hi Nicole - this can indeed be done

To do so you need to use variables and then set triggers to react to the value of the variables

Imagine you have three sections in your training - Section A, Section B and Section C

Imagine you have a pre-test or Quiz that provides a score for A, a score for B and Score for C

The "simple" trigger (on the page before three sections) would be:

IF SCORE A = FAIL show Page 1 of Section A

IF SCORE A = PASS go straight to Page 1 of Section B

IF SCORE B = PASS go straight to Page 1 of Section C

IF SCORE C = PASS go straight to Page "You've Passed Everything"

At the end of each section you put similar IF triggers to manage navigation.

You can see a demonstration here - when you do the assessment on the second attempt it knows which topics you passed and only shows you the questions related to the topics you failed