Triggers to make the motion path after a pop up layer.


I created a motion path linked with some slides (for quiz questions) and some layers (text information). So the learner has to follow this process :

The main image (representing himself) moves through the house and reveals a new icon. He has to click on it and then, he directly go to a slide quiz question or a layer shows up with text information. It's always the same process, on each rooms.

Moreover, I want to add 4 popup layers at different moments of the course to "congrats" him when he has completed each level. For now, the pop up shows up and at the same time the main image is moving on the motion path... I would like to first shows up the pop up layer and then, see the motion path to the next rooms.

I tried so many different things but I've not found out a solution... Any ideas ?

Many thanks!

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E-learning Thinkovery

Hi ! thanks for getting back to me. I tried but it's not working... The motion path always starts... it looks like this trigger don't listen to the others and will start anyway. I even try a trigger option " motion path will start if the learner click on the cross to close of the pop up layer", but still not working!