Triggers/Variables - Is there an expert that can solve this?

Please help - I am tearing my hair out. I have developed a number pad that can be used to answer questions on timestables. As a workaround, I have had to use the "pick one" quiz slide and have a correct button and incorrect button hidden until the correct answer is submitted.

If you look at the .story - you will see that if the answer is one digit then it works. My problem occurs when the answer is more than one digit. See the slide 10 x 1 = ...

I'm no expert, so hoping someone can spot where I'm going wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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Judy Nollet

From what I see, the 10x1 slide works as long as the user enters 2 digits. It doesn't work if the user answers with only 1 digit. And that's because your trigger condition is set to look for a number, but it isn't set to look for nothing (i.e., the variable still being blank). So add that as a condition:

Also, your 9 button was missing a trigger:

One final note: There's a typo in your Incorrect feedback. It says "You have ran..." when it should say "You have run..." 

C_ Cudworth

Hi Phil,

I am building a calculator from a .story I have downloaded, as you recommended. I have deleted the maths operations from the pad to leave number entry. I have got as far as successfully pressing keys to show numbers in the display. I have also added it to a "pick one" slide and have a correct (hidden) and incorrect button. The last step is to change the state of correct to normal when the user enters the correct number in the display.

I cannot seem to work this out. I'm not the most experienced user...please help.

Judy Nollet

I don't know of any calculator tutorials, but you might find something if you search the forum for what other's have done.

However, you might also consider taking an easier approach to this.

It appears you want the user to be able to calculate a multiplication on their own, i.e., give you the answer if you ask what 10x1 is. To me, it's confusing to enter the answer on a calculator pad. In real life, people enter the operation (e.g., 10x1), and then press Enter to get the answer. You're showing them the operation, and asking them to enter the correct answer and then press the button.

Why don't you just show them the operation you want them to solve, and have them enter the answer in a numerical data-entry box? Note: I also suggest having an associated Enter button, because the program needs them to click outside of the data-entry box before it reads that value.  Then all you have to do is check whether their entry equals the correct answer.

Here's how to insert a numerical data-entry field:


C_ Cudworth

Hi Guys,

Firstly, can I say how grateful I am for your input. I have admired this forum for some time and find it a great community providing support to like-minded individuals. However, I must confess I am not as experienced as most and I'm finding that I am getting lost in the triggers and variables.

I have found the following calculator and have used it to modify and get my head around the relevant triggers/variables. It successfully displays the correct digits and I have inserted a hidden correct "pick one" submit button. I'm now at my limit when it comes to making the hidden button change to normal when the user keys in a particular number in the display. Is this even possible? Should I be using a different quiz slide? I don't want to simply have the user type the numerical answer in a text box. I really would like to have a number pad.


C_ Cudworth


Thanks for the input. It has taken me some time to create a quiz slide that functions correctly. I used a numerical entry and assigned the numberpad to enter answer. But now I have a strange issue occurring. I have set a "correct" layer, "incorrect" layer and a "timed out" layer. I want the user to answer within 6 seconds. To achieve this I set the "timed out" layer to appear when timeline ends. I included a continue button on "timed out" layer to take user to next slide.

When the user answers correct or incorrect the layers work fine. But when the "timed out" layer appears and you select continue it moves to next slide but I get a the articulate  storyline buffering icon. See image...

What have I done wrong???

C_ Cudworth


Please take a look at the .story attached.

I have already made an amendment from my previous message. The same "incorrect" layer has been assigned to appear when the timeline ends and if the user answers incorrectly. This decision was made as the "timed out" slide and "incorrect" slide were identical anyway. However, the same issue occurs when the timeline ends - the next slide displays gets stuck displaying the buffering icon.


C_ Cudworth

Hi All,

I have taken a look again and it appears the buffering error only occurs when a slide "times out" mid-quiz. I went through and answered all correctly, all incorrectly and also let every slide "time out." HOWEVER - when I mixed up my responses, after a slide "timed out" the buffering error would present itself. Please help - this is most peculiar. I'm hoping it's something simple and it's a case of "can't see the wood for the trees!"