Triggers within Layers

I am trying to add triggers to individual objects within layers and it doesn't seem to be taking.  The first layer has the audio file on it and this what I'm setting the timing of the triggers to.  The second layers has 6 objects on it.  Each of these objects needs to be in a hidden state until a specific point on the timeline (based off of the audio file on the first layer) and then the state changes to normal.  But it's not working.  Any ideas?

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DE Academy

I got the triggers to work but it seems like the timeline starts over each time the layer changes.  So, for the triggers to work on the second slide, I had to subtract 8.2 seconds from where that event actually happened on the timeline.  I'm probably making this entirely too difficult so if you have a recommendation, I'm open!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jen,

I took a look at the file that you've shared here and the timing looks spot on.

The 8.2 seconds is the difference of when you opened up that layer, which has a timeline of its own. You're playing the layer and the base layer at the same time, but the layer timeline is where you're triggering the actions.