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I can't seem to get conditions working in Trigger Wizard for "if states". When I go to actions and change the state it will let me change the Object. It will let me do the when. When I get to the condition part for if states it will not. Can anyone please explain further how you do that part? What am I missing?

I'm specifically referring to Allison's training attached. 

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Christin Salerno

Yes and thank you for your assistance!

Attached is a screenshot. I have a menu. I'm trying to make it so when I have my learners finish section on it will change states to a visited state. I will also add a state that will make it so the other menu items will move from disabled it normal once the section above it done. I can't seem to figure out how to do that in the conditions. It could be the way I have my triggers set up already or something else I have wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Walt Hamilton

I think you want triggers, not conditions; triggers perform actions while conditions define the allowable circumstances under which triggers can perform.

My thought as to what you want is a trigger that changes the state of a menu item when a learner completes a section. (By the way, do not use Visited state for a trigger you write; it is a built-in state with its own built-in trigger. If you write a trigger to change it, you will most likely have conflicts that may keep tour project from working.) Then you want another trigger that changes the state of the next menu item to Normal, but (and this is the condition) only if the previous menu item is in a "Completed" state. Both of those triggers need t have the same "When" section-that is, they are initiated from the same action - but different actions. One changes the first menu item to Completed (if the section is completed), and the other changes the next menu item to normal (if the first section is completed. 

There is a sample that does that at this discussion: 

The Restricted Navigation requires people to visit the sections in order. After each section is visited, it makes the next section available, and after all sections have been visited, shows a button to Exit. It uses variables to track which sections have been visited, but if you are navigating away from the menu slide, variables are much more reliable than states for that.