Triggers working in "Preview Mode" for a single slide, but not when published or previewing the entire project

Jun 15, 2022

Hello all. Has anyone experienced this before?

I've set a variable to change once all buttons on the slide have been visited. This variable change is meant to trigger a button appearing. It works when I preview it on the single slide, but not when I preview the entire project. At least not usually. Although sometimes it does work when I preview the entire project. 

It also doesn't work when I publish the project. 

Can anyone help with this? 


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Judy Nollet

It's difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the file. Best guess: I've seen this issue occur when the same variable is used for different interactions. For example, a T/F variable might be changed to True on completion of the first interaction the user encounters. Well, then it's already True when the user reaches the second interaction. 

If that's the problem, the solution is simple: use a unique variable to track completion of each interaction.

If that's not the problem, I suggest you upload a copy of your file, so someone can look at it.