Trim one long screen recording, or record multiple short ones?

Hi there, me again.

I am developing a software demonstration, and will have multiple slides in Storyline with screen recordings on them. The course flow unfortunately doesn't lend itself to one simple, start-to-finish recording as the topics jump around a bit.

I have two options. One, record exactly the operation I want for each topic (lots of recordings with small file size).

Two, record a few operations at once then chop the video up to suit each individual topic using the video editor(fewer recordings of larger file size).

The second option is much more time efficient, but I am worried about the project size bloating. For example, in MS Word you can trim an image but the file size stays the same. Would this also be the case in Storyline?

Thanks a lot.  

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Steven McAneney


I would just like to know if Storyline will have fits if I:

a) cut and paste screencasts from one slide to the other (instead of importing the same screencast repeatedly to new slides from the "Record Screen" red button), and

b) edit the screencast to show different portions on different slides.

Captivate didn't like this, and would crash/corrupt files if you did. What about Storyline?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steven,

Personally, I would prefer the first method you mentioned in your original post. It may be easier to keep the project organized if you have different recordings for each topic. I know it would probably be more work in the end, but it may pay off and you may run into less trouble. 

I don't believe cutting a pasting will corrupt a project. However, to be safe, you may want to save a back up file of the original course before you start, just in case. I usually suggest this for large files, anyway. If you're going to be doing something with a large file and reusing content over and over again, it never hurts to have a "safe point" saved elsewhere. 

Steven McAneney

Thanks Christine. The project is finished and published now, but I actually used a combination of both long and short recordings. In the end it didn't make a difference because I still edited existing recordings and used them in different ways on different slides. What I antipated to be a problem actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. The ability in Storyline to use different parts of the same recording in multiple slides actually speeds up the development. Great!