Trimming video leaves empty white space for the remainder of my clip length


I have just started using Storyline 2 and I need to trim the end of my video, but strangely trimming seems to leave behind blank, white, sound-free video for the remaining length of my original video - not what I want at all. I've never seen a video trimming tool do anything like this before. I recorded the video using Storyline 2 and I need to remove the end of a clip and have the video end where I have trimmed it, so it can move on to the next slide without delay. Can anyone help please?



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Brett Rockwood

Hi Jess, if I understand correctly I think your videos may be set to show until the end of the slide instead of for their exact times.

What may be happening is that you have shortened the video from the time you first inserted it but the timeline is still the original length. If the video is shown until the end of the slide it will just freeze-frame the last frame for the remainder of the slide.

The solution in this case is to note the new length of your video then right-click on the video in the timeline and select "Timing" and make sure to deselect "Show until end of slide." Then enter the duration of your video in the Duration box. Finally, go back to the timeline and move the end point up to match the new length of your video.

There is probably and easier way to do this but it's worked for me.

Jessica Gramp

Thank you Brett. I have checked that the timing does not have the 'Show
until end of slide' option checked, however, this led me to see that the
End tag on the timeline was way off to the right, past the end of my clip,
so I dragged this over to the end of the clip and it resolved the problem.
I had been mistakenly looking in the Edit Video section, when I needed to
alter this on the slide timeline instead.

Thank you for your help :)

Alison Coops

Hi, I realize this thread is really old, but it's almost exactly the problem I am having. I was having exactly this problem and found I could drag the end of the timeline to the trimmed length of the video and that solved that problem.  But now I've trimmed the beginning of a video, and as many seconds as I trimmed off the beginning of the video, I get a frozen still shot.  Ideas?