Trouble Animating paragraph

Dec 06, 2016

When I have bulleted paragraphs, I want to animate them by paragraph, not have to build separate text boxes for each text box, obviously. But, I'm not getting the down carrot on my timeline for this text box that I usually get that allows me to adjust the bullets with my narration. Help?

I've included a screen grab of my slide & timeline so you can see what I'm referencing. All help appreciated. Thank you so much!

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Crystal Horn

Hey Lyndsay!  When you selected that text box for adding animation, did you choose the effect option > by paragraph?


Is this happening on any new text box you insert?  Also, is this happening in any new file you create?  Basic tips, to rule everything out:  be sure that you're saving your projects on your local drive, and that you're working with the latest version of Storyline!

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