Trouble Delaying Layer Appearance

Hi there! I'm having some difficulty delaying the appearance of my layers. Attached are images of my main and two layers. On the main layer, I'm asking the user to select the "Code as CS" button or "No CS code needed" button. What's happen is the layer is appearing as soon as the user makes their selection.  How do I get the correct layer to appear based on the answer the user submits? This is not a graded question, but simply a practice question.  Thanks! - Tina

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

see attached created in SL1 - not sure I understand what you mean about delaying the feedback.  When you select the correct answer the correct layer is displayed, same with the incorrect layer. 

If this isn't what you mean do you want to upload the SL file

Tina Brown

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your quick response. Looks like we're on the same page. I guess in my mind I was thinking the user would select their answer, click the "Next" button, then based on their selection the appropriate layer would appear vs. the layer immediately displaying without having to click a "Next" or "Submit" button.  I'll make this work.  Thanks! - Tina


Tina Brown

This is it!!  Thank you!  I haven't worked with variables yet, but looks like I will be now.  The reason I wanted to put in that extra step is because my scenarios will get more complicated and I wanted to give users the option to change their answer before submitting their final answer.  Having it set up without the variable would expose the answer right away.  Thank you so much!  Let me give this a try.`

Tina Brown

Hi Wendy!

The variables have been working great.  I've been building my slides since 9 days ago.  The issue I'm experiencing now is having the layers appear when I preview the whole scene.  If you want the attached Video1, you'll see that once I've selected my response, my "correct" or "incorrect" layers are not appearing.  If you watch Video2, you'll see that the "correct" layer appears when I click next.  Any thoughts?

Thanks! - Tina

Wendy Farmer

Hey Tina

thanks for the updated's always hard when you fix part of a projects navigation in isolation of the whole project.  I can see the issue - conflicting triggers for the 'Next' button, show the correct or incorrect layer and jump to next slide.  May need to include a custom 'Continue' or 'Submit' that allows the layers to reveal and the next button will default to moving to next slide or add in another variable - but let me look at it further.

Someone else may come up with an easy solution in the meantime ;-)

I have a con call for a couple of hours soon...but I'll take a look at it for you after that.

Tina Brown

Hi Wendy! I'm experiencing something quirky with the triggers and variables I've built for the attached story. It seems when a user incorrectly answers a question, it doesn't always show the "incorrect" layer.  It will show the "correct" layer. I tested it a few times and if you answer all the questions correctly, it works fine. It also works fine if you answer all the questions incorrectly. But, if there's a mixture of responses, the right layer doesn't always appear.

For the attached story, the correct answers are all LI, with the exception of question 2.  Q2 is No LI.  I've built 9 other scenes using these same triggers, so hopefully you can help.