Trouble embedding a Storyline project in Moodle 3.4

May 03, 2018

Has anyone ever had issues embedding a Storyline project in Moodle 3.4?

I know I can upload it as a scorm package, and I've done that. The thing is, I don't need tracking or scoring, so I'd like to just embed the Storyline player into Moodle course page and save the learners a few clicks. That just looks more professional too IMHO.

I've tried using an iframe and an object tag and neither work.


<iframe src="" width="720" height="540"></iframe>


<object width=”720” height=”540”> <param name=”movie”
value=”story.swf” /> <embed width=”720” height=”540”
src= />


I'd prefer to use html5 file since Flash is being phased out. However, maybe Moodle doesn't handle html5 very well. I know it handles swf files though.

Oh, and the link works fine if you enter it directly into a browser, so the course is on the server.

Any ideas?

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Dan Marsden

You have a few options... but this is really a "Moodle" question rather than an Articulate question so you might get more help on

You could still use scorm and decrease the number of clicks required by setting "student skip content structure" to true in the Moodle scorm settings (login as a student to test this, it does not skip for teachers/admins because that initial page is how teachers get at reports.) - also set force new attempt to "yes" so that students don't end up in review mode on re-entry after a complete attempt.

You could also probably just upload the folder and just link directly to the story.swf instead of embedding in a frame and set it to open in a new window - you could also upload it as an ims content package.

hope that's useful!

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