Trouble embedding youtube videos

Nov 06, 2014

I know this is not the first time the subject is brought up but I seriously need help on this one.

I'm trying to embed videos on some projects of mine.

I understood there were two ways to do that (insert video from web and insert web object).

I understood there's no rendering of YT videos when publishing in html5 (though I just updated to the latest version of storyline 1 and there's a line in the release notes that says that this problem is solved


So I tried to make a file using the diffrent possibilities :

using iframe embed

using old embed code (<object...>)

using web object with this code :


I exported this file with and without HTML5 support.

Once uploaded to my LMS (Chamilo), only the "insert video from file" works. But I can't get google play bar to show (and I need it because I need to be able to turn on/off closed captions. Plus I like the google seekbar better than one Storyline adds when ticking the "show video controls" box.)

My video is not restricted.

I've tried in firefox and internet explorer but no difference.

Does anyone has any clues on how to fix this ? I'd clearly prefer to use the web object method because I get more control thanks to the parameters.

Is this issue related to the code that I used ? My LMS ? My storyline version ?

Should I submit this as a ticket rather than a community post ?

Anybody else having issues with this ?

Thanks !

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