Trouble getting States to work

Mar 24, 2021

Hello Community!

I could use your help.  

I'm using States. When the learner clicks on each of the icons, a text box should show. I want the text box center in the middle of the head icon. 

Yet, when I click on an icon, the text isn't showing.  I added a "test" text box to see if any text would show and the "test" text box does show yet the other text doesn't.  

Any ideas why?

Thank for your help!



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David Schwartz

Hi Holly,

The issue is that the head icon is on top of the other icons in the timeline. Move it down below them, and it works. BUT then you'll see a problem: the other icons also sit over each other in the timeline, so as they display they cover each other.

My suggestion would be to create a text object that sits over the head icon, and which has the different states for the text you want to display. Its normal state should be empty. Delete that text from the states of your existing icons if you plan on keeping the Visited state. 

I did a quick and dirty partial version for the first three icons. I simply deleted the Visited state for those three icons (you might not want to do that if you are using the visited state for seeing if the learner is finished, but you will want to delete the text for them at least). You'll see that the triggers for those three have been changed to adjust the state of the new object rather than the icons.