Trouble publishing a large course out of Storyline 2

May 26, 2015

Hi All,

I currently have a support ticket regarding this issue, but thought I'd ask around to see if anyone else had a similar experience we're going through with a large course publishing out. Here are some details:

At a high level, I set the course to publish for the web, and then it goes through the publishing process for anywhere from 60-90 minutes and will then crash all of a sudden. It will then ask to submit a report, which I was only able to do once. 

Some detailed information about the course itself:

1. This is almost a totally customized course with all traces of the storyline player hidden from the final published output. All navigation and interactivity is done with custom buttons, slide layers, variables, etc. (We've done this previously with other courses without issue)

2. Approximately 90 slides with varying degrees of interactivity and slide animation

3. Each slide contains either an audio track or video clip. The longest media file is no longer than 2 minutes in duration, with most hovering around the 45-60 second duration.

4. Each slide has varying amounts of slide layers - some have a handful while others have none.

5. Likewise, each slide has varying amounts of triggers and variables. Most are show/hide layers and the variables just keep track of what's been viewed.

7. We do have a large number of variables being used throughout the course as well - maybe close to 100 or so, but I haven't actually counted.

7. Individual slides preview just fine

8. We are currently utilizing 4 Master Slides throughout the course as well. 

These Master Slides have a number of slide layers to account for the customized functionality of the course including layers for a glossary, reference list, transcript pane, navigation systems, a number of sliders for custom scrolling menus, and a few other layers to access other features. All-in-all the master slides have about 50-60 layers each.

This is the second version of the course we are publishing now and includes a lot of the slide layers in the master slides that version 1 did not, and version 1 published just fine. However, it would seem to me, that as long as it was built correctly, it should be ok to publish out regardless of the amount of slide layers.

At this point, we've separated the course into 2 parts and have those published out just fine. This is a workable solution for our client, but I'd still like to get to the bottom of the issue with publishing the course as a whole for future reference when developing large courses.

Is there some kind of limit or threshold that Storyline 2 has that would cause this type of crashing? Or has anyone else experienced this type of issue before? I'm not sure I can upload the Storyline file given the nature of the content covered in the module. Any insight would be much appreciated!






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