Trouble publishing Storyline as an mp4 video

Hello heroes,

I have a fairly basic Storyline project that I am trying to publish as a full-through video through Storyline's mp4 publishing tool. Every time I attempt to publish the video and convert it to an mp4 the process gets stuck on "preparing to encode video." I've even left it to publish overnight and it was still unable to complete the process.

The Storyline project is simple, with no user interactions other than clicking Next to proceed to the next slide. I have played with different Next actions to see if that would help, such as changing the slide progression from user advancing to having slides advance automatically, but nothing so far has resolved the problem.

I've attached a copy of my Storyline file here for review.

Any help the community can provide would be super appreciated!

Thank you,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt,

We have a current issue that we are currently investigating specific to courses getting stuck during the encoding process, which sounds like what you are running into as well.

The current workaround is to install a previous update, Update 35:

Let me know if this works for you as well or if you're running into a different issue.

Katie Riggio

Hi Matt!

Following up on Leslie's post that a hotfix for Storyline 360 is ready! It addresses the issue where a project could freeze or hang while publishing to a video file.

You can explore the release notes here, and download the latest update with these steps. Thanks for helping us make this improvement!