Trouble publishing Storyline to Word

Jan 29, 2020

Any ideas on why I can publish a Storyline file to Word (including layers and slide notes) on one Windows 10 PC and not another? (Same file, same version of Storyline, same version of Windows, same version of Word.) Storyline on both PCs has been updated recently -- yesterday in fact -- although the problem occurred before that update as well.

On the PC on which it does not work, when I click the Publish button, everything in the dialog box goes grey for a few moments (no progress is shown as it is on the PC that DOES publish properly).

On the PC that does NOT work, the Congratulations message does appear. However, no matter what I click on (View Document or Open) nothing happens. The Close button works. When I try to find the supposedly published document it is nowhere to be found.

This happens whether I open the file from its stored location on Dropbox or if I move the file to my desktop and open it from there.

I am looking forward to a solution!

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