Trouble Saving Large Storyline file with multiple links to various scenes

I'm currently merging multiple Storyline 360 "modules" (8, at the moment, and later ~5 more) for a client on a recently purchased Dell PC. I've successfully "linked" to and from various scenes, which all contain upwards of 25 slides with multiple layers and triggers, but I'm having trouble now successfully saving the remainder of my work as I try to link the remaining scenes and edit smaller things. I'm not sure if this is a Storyline issue (if the program simply can't handle this level and quantity of complexity), or if it's PC-related. The program becomes unresponsive and, at times, corrupts the file/insists it's "in use" with another program, even after I restart the computer.


Any and all help, or even an individualized appointment with an Articulate 360 specialist to troubleshoot the issue, would be most appreciative.



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