Trouble stopping slide automatically advancing.

Jul 14, 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm having a small problem with a slide I have created. I'm pretty new so forgive me if I do not use the correct terms. It is a slide with buttons and I want the user to view all the buttons before advancing. I have done that, so far, with the changing of states when hover over and visited.  The problem I'm running into is the slide automatically advances when the last button is visited, not giving the user the chance to read the last layer or go back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,


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Ron Price

Hello David

It sounds like you may have set up your triggers to advance to the next slide when the states have changed to visited.  Without seeing the slide, that is my best guess.  You could disable your next button, then trigger it to change to normal when all of the states have been visited.

This week's update in 360 makes this even a little smoother.

If you want the automatic advance after all of the content on the layers has been viewed, you may need  to consider variables.

Do you have a slide you can share?

Crystal Horn

Hi David!  Just like Ron suspected, you've got a trigger to jump to the next slide as soon as those buttons are visited (and that happens as soon as you click on them).

You've got the right idea, though!  Here are some instructions that you can use to disable the Next button until all of those buttons have been visited.  Then the learner can choose when they are finished reviewing the content to move to the next slide.

Let me know if that helps!