Trouble using T/F variables and trigger conditions

I am fairly new to storyline and trying to figure out how to use variables to set up the following:

I am building a course with several modules (set up as scenes). The modules do not need to be taken sequentially, but all need to be taken to complete the course.  When the learner has returned to the main page after having completed all modules, I want them to be taken to another slide (or layer) with some concluding remarks.

I set a T/F variable for each module- at the last slide of each module when they hit the return to main page button, the 'Module1Complet'e variable changes to True. I tried to create a trigger on the main page that would play the concluding slide if all of those conditions have been met (CompleteModule1, ==equal to value True, AND CompleteModule2 ==equal to value True, etc) so that it would only play when all Modules had been viewed in full. But when I test it out and return to the main page after completing each module, I am not brought to the last slide.

I also tried to create a button that was hidden in it's initial state, and then set a trigger to bring it to it's normal state when all the conditions have been met, so that they can click the button and proceed to the final page. I am wondering if the trigger that enables the button should be put in first, and then the trigger that sets the button to bring us to the final page should follow, or vice versa. Both ways I have set it, it doesn't seem to work.

I'm wondering if there is another way to approach this or if I have possibly missed something along the way. Thank you for any help!

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