Trouble with bookmarking after exam completion

Hello! I am once again having trouble with bookmarking after completion. After completing the exam the course features a Back to Menu button and a Review Exam button. If you select the Back to Menu button and close the course. On re-open you will be taken back to the quiz questions instead of the course menu. If you use the review exam feature and then try the back to menu button, bookmarking will work as expected.

I have tried this fix which has worked in the past, but does not work for this issue.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tony,

So in the first situation you described, you're brought back to the start of the quiz questions or to the results slide? Are the quiz questions set back to the initial state, or are you navigating through them already answered? How are users closing the course - just the browser close or is there an "exit course" trigger as well?

You may want to look at testing this in SCORM Cloud as well which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content to help narrow down any other specifics and if the behavior is consistent across LMSs.

Tony Burkhardt

Hi Ashley!

I do all of my testing on SCORM Cloud, sorry for not mentioning that in the first post! The odd thing is, you are not taken back to the start of the quiz or the result slide with the failed bookmarking. You are taken to either question 9 or 10 within the quiz and those questions are reset to initial state. This course does not feature any "exit course" trigger. The way used to exit course has been the browser window.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helen! Your initial post (perhaps the two you made) is held for moderation to prevent spam in the forums. Once the moderator has given permission for your first post to go, you should no longer experience a delay. I believe that what Tony was referring to was not wanting to share his .story file publicly in the forums.