Trouble with bullet points with a mind of their own

Here's what's going on:

Halfway through two slides, bullet points start acting funky about halfway through the list.  The third bullet point pulls the fourth one with it.  And then the fourth one comes in again and pulls the fifth one with it.  And then the fifth one comes in again on its own. (The last bullet.) I'm using the grow animation, so it's really noticeable. 

I've tried removing the animation and reapplying.  And switching to the fade in animation.  

Any ideas?

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Paul Shorr

I have seen this happen with content that is imported from ppt and then animated.  I have both re-created the text object from scratch in Storyline, or break the bullet points into separate text boxes and sequence them separately.  It is not clear to me why it happens, but once a text box does this, I can spend much less time separating the elements rather than trying to "fix" it.