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Oct 29, 2019


I'm creating a skeleton project in Storyline 360 for so I can collaborate on a project with other designers. Currently, this skeleton consists of a home slide with buttons that link to the six modules that we envision this project will have. The modules should appear in the following order:

  1. Using this Course
  2. Intro to Elements
  3. Access HW Overview
  4. Activate Account
  5. Using Reseller Portal
  6. Using Customer Portal

However, no matter how careful I am when I add a new slide (I make sure the current slide is highlighted, then right-click and select New Slide>Basic Layouts so I can insert a layout from the slide masters I've created), Using this Course keeps moving to the very end in Story View. When I preview the course, click on Using this Course, and then click the > arrow in the player, I've seen two behaviors, neither of which I expected:

  • The > button takes me to the Access HW Overview slide, or
  • The > button doesn't advance at all.

Attached is a screenshot of this skeleton in story view. How do I move the Using Course slide so it is the first slide off of the Home Slide branch? Does the link chain have something to do with this odd behavior?



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Jerry Beaucaire

The order that the children slides are shown below a parent slide is based on the order of the JUMP TO triggers found on the parent slide.  Review those triggers, put them in the order you need.

So if you need USING COURSE to be on the left (it doesn't need to be, but understandable from a visual reference standpoint), put that trigger at the top above the others.   And so on.

I would recommend you consider breaking these sections up into scenes.

John Freiberger

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the feedback. Almost immediately after I posted my question, I found the culprit: issues with the selections for the Slide navigation and gestures options in the Slide Properties dialog.

Agreed on the scenes. There are three of us working on this project, each assigned to certain modules. Those modules will be created independently as scenes and then inserted into the skeleton per the following article I found on E-Heroes:

Thanks and regards,


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