Trouble with Freeform Quizzes


I've created lots of slides using "pick one" freeform.  I have selected the correct object for each, as well as all the wrong targets.  Unfortunately, when I review the pages - no matter what I select I get the following message "invalid answer - you must complete the question before submitting". 

Thinking that ther may be a corrupt slide causing the problem, I imported into a new storyline file. . . still the same issue.  Please help.  I don't have time to redo the quizzing for these slides - there are roughly 60 wrong answer selections for each.


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Will Bladon


Ok the slides are quite confusing as there are a lot of states that are 'unassigned', this may be causing some issues. Also the 'hover', and 'down' keep sticking (on mine).

I got the interaction to work by removing the state 'change the state of xxx to 'down' when the user clicks' (on the correct choice). this may be clashing with the 'correct drop' trigger?

Seemed to work for me.

Hope that helps

Will Bladon

I think the key is that the way it is set up there is no 'Selected' trigger, and I think the Pick one relies on the selected state to tell it which one you have chosen- if you add a blank pick one activity and add two shapes, it will automatically assign the state of 'selected' to them which will show when you click on them. Since you have removed this it seems to not be realising which shape you are choosing, so I think for the correct answer you need to have the 'selected' state- rather than 'down'- i agree you need to allow the learner to see which choice they have made, but just make the 'selected' appear the same way as 'down' would for the others. This works for me on your example.