Trouble with inconsistent audio playback in HTML5 Mobile Safari

May 18, 2015

Hi all,

I've recently run into an issue with a course we are building and wanted to see if anyone out there has encountered something similar.

The course uses a combination of audio and video tracks. The course launches correctly and we are able to get through the first screens just fine. Screens 1, 2, and 3 are all straight audio, screen 4 has a video clip, screen 5 is just audio. These all play fine with no issues.

On screen 6 we have a branching point where a user will watch a short video clip and then choose a path to go down. The next screen (screen 7) contains an audio clip with some basic text syncing animation and no other interactivity. However, when we navigate to this screen the audio does not play. The images appear and syncing occurs, but no audio plays - its almost as if the course skips the audio file when the screen loads. Refreshing the course page will sometimes get the audio to play, but not all the time.  Subsequent screens are hit or miss with the audio as well, so it seems as though there is no consistency to how this occurs.

This is only happening in the mobile Safari browser on the iPad. We only have 1 media element per screen so it's not like we're trying to run a video and an audio clip in the same screen.

Has anyone else experienced something like this before? We're trying a few things for a workaround, but nothing has worked as of yet.







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Yusuf Rangwala

Hi Patrick,

I had faced a similar issue once when I had added custom buttons to storyline. All I did is I moved the audio a bit ahead, so that it doesn't start from the beginning of the slide and my issue was solved. Can you please try once. See if it works for you. Or else if you can share your storyfile here. I'll try to look into the matter.


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