Trouble with Layers and Triggers


I'm having some issues with layers and triggers in my file. This is what SHOULD happen:

  • When user selects the first letter 'w', they should see the selected state (letter 'w' is in red and circled)
  • When user clicks on a different letter, the circle should disappear but the 'w' remains red (the visited state)
  • Simultaneously, when user selects the first letter 'w', the layer 'w1-question' should be revealed

Instead, what's currently happening is that when a user clicks the first letter 'w', it reveals the visited state but not the selected state. Also, the 'w1-question' layer only shows up if the user double-clicks letter 'w' instead of clicking on it only once.

Any help please?

Many thanks,


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Anh Lum

It just dawned on me that I probably should have been using images instead of text for my different states (my 'selected state' was a combination of text and a picture). Sure enough, after converting my text to images and inserting them into Storyline, the triggers worked! Here's a screenshot of my now image-based states panel. Note to self: keep the look of each state contained in a single image file.