Trouble with mouse hover over/off with html5 output

I'm working on a project that has a web object video on the slide and then a button, that when clicked shows a layer that has a list of "learn more" resource links.  As long as the focus isn't shifted back to the video, the layer/links stay on top, but once the mouse moves back over the video, it jumps to the top layer and moves the links back.  Which I'm aware the web objects do this, but it looks buggy.

To resolve this, I've set up a mouse over/out trigger that shows/hides the layer.  This way, if they move the mouse off the layer and back to the video, it hides the layer, instead of just moving it to the back.  The problem is that in the html5 output, the mouse over trigger is not functioning properly.

For functionality reference, here is a link to the Flash output that works:

Here is a link to the html5 output:

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Richard Hill

There's actually 2 buttons overlapped as I did not remove the original on the Master, so the text may not be all that wonky if you delete the Master.  I was just throwing it together as a proof of concept, since I know I might need this too.    Thanks for the After effects info.  Nicely done! 

Richard Hill

I know this may not help, but it works great in SL360.  Probably not what you want to hear unless you're upgrading.  This is the product of the same file I uploaded above, only in a 360 published folder.  Hope you find a solution if this isn't one. Best of luck.

Pat Cummins

Sorry, wonky wasn't a very good descriptor for what the text is doing.   When I move the mouse over the links they disappear and reappear randomly, and the hyperlinks aren't working.  I've  tried it in IE, Firefox, and Chrome, all with the same result.  

Not sure about upgrading to SL360 at this point.  Again, thanks for you help.