Trouble with Results slide


I have created a multi- question - on- one -slide module that features freeform 'many answer' slides and am now trying to incorporate a results slide. The way it works is as follows:

1. answer question 1

2. if correct, yes 1 shape becomes selected. If incorrect, no 1 shape becomes selected.

3. answer question 2 and appropriate yes 2 or no 2 selected depending on response

4. same for question 3

5. each slide is a freeform 'pick many' slide where yes1, yes2, yes3 are all selected as correct answers

6. inserted results slide for all questions. It works for 12 out of my 18 question slides but for some reason these 5 slides do not work.


I checked to make sure all the triggers were the same and in same order and all the "yes"s are logged in as correct answers. Can't figure out why these are not working. Attached file includes all slides that don't work plus slide 12/17 which is working with the results slide for comparison.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stephanie -- Thanks for reaching out here! This is peculiar, as I have also not been able to determine the source of the issue you are having on those few slides, so I would like our Support Engineers to have a closer look. Unfortunately, as there appears to be more than one person with your name in our support ticketing system, I am not certain which contact information is yours to create the case on your behalf, so please use this form to submit a case, and if you can share the case number, we'll be glad to follow along! 

Stephanie Brooks

Thanks Christie! Unfortunately, I am not able to submit through that form- it is non-functional.  Additionally, I have another issue with hyperlinks. It seems the hyperlinks attached to the shapes on my slide are also non-functional. The trigger currently says "when user clicks text "" inside" and I am not sure why- I built the trigger so it would go to proper slide when user clicks the shape. Story file attached- not sure whether this is another glitch or not.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Stephanie -- Thanks for your reply, and I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulty submitting a case via the form attached. Sometimes using a different browser does the trick, but may I ask if you can please confirm that your current email ends with (* info has been removed *) so that I can create a case on your behalf?