Trouble with slider in SL2

Is anyone experiencing a problem with the funcationality of the sliders?

This is what is happening. I created a slider with a start point of 1 and initial point at 1. End point is 10 and steps are 1. When I preview the slide and use the slider there is no problem, however, when I preview the entire project (or scene) the slider jumps by two or three steps when clicked.  I can only slide it back by grabbing to the far left of the slider handle.

Thank you.

Update: I discovered that if I move the slide bar to a layer and show that layer when the timeline starts, I do not have this problem.

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Bill Koza

I do have a variable so the selection can be seen. I have attached my file and as you will see on Scene 7 (the second in the presentation) that the slider is on the first layer, which seems to be a work around.

There is another glitch that I discovered. I changed the player settings on a later slide in the presentation, turning off the Resources link. The setting holds on some of the slides but not others. The only way I can fix the problem is by copying the contents of the "bad" slide, adding a new slide, then pasting the contents on the new slide and deleting the bad slide. 

This also happened with the Menu tab in the player settings. Turned it off, but was not removed from all slides.

Thanks Michael.