Trouble with states and triggers


I am having trouble getting the right behaviours on a particular slide..  I wonder if anyone can help me?

I am using layers to show 'hints and tips'.   On this particular layer I originally wanted a click scenario but couldn't get it to work, then tried hover but it's still not quite right. 

What I am trying to achieve is that hovering (or clicking) on the grey text boxes to the left will bring up some additional text and a different pose of the character.   This is easy enough but I can't get it to hide the 'first' character' while it is doing this so I end up with 2 'Brians' on the screen which looks silly.   I have tried all sorts of combinations of triggers and states and coming up blank. 

Here is a screenshot which I hope gives enough info for you to see what I am getting at?


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Parashuram Vhaval

Harri C said:

Hi Cheryl,

First of all, are you aware that if you create a state with a standard storyline name such as 'hover' 'selected' etc you do not need to change the state using a separate trigger, in fact trying to do this can create issues. Try removing these triggers and see if that helps.

Agree with Harri,
Cheryl you just create states of button and preview your slide, you will find all states are working.
Cheryl Daubney


I tried all that but it does not get rid of the initial 'normal' Brian.

Please see screenshot below when I preview having removed the triggers and using just the standard states as per your suggestion.  What I need is for normal Brian to disappear when hover is active or I get a 'double layer' effect as you can see below - this is what I have been unable to accomplish.


eLearning Development


I think I have seen this before.  Did you copy your original layer to make your hints layer?  If so they you have two copies of Brian, one on top of the other.  for the hints layer all you need to do is add the hints.  The base layer objects will still appear unless you have turned them off.


Cheryl Daubney


The base layer is not Brian - this is a slide with many layers and this is just one layer.  This is why I have used hover states rather than layers.    I tried to create triggers that would change Brian from Normal to Hidden and Hidden to Normal depending on whether an object was being hovered on or not but it doesn't work.