Trouble with states and variables

Hello all,

I am trying to require that all 9 layers are selected from 9 buttons on a slide and then use a true false variable to automatically advance to the next slide upon completion.

I have the variable set to false with a trigger to set to true when all nine buttons have been visited and another trigger to advance to the next slide when the variable is set to true.  It isn't working! 

I also set visited for each custom button and in the preview it is not showing that all buttons have been visited although triggers have been set when they are clicked as well.

Any ideas?

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Melanie Daughtrey

Hi, and thanks for any help or ideas you can provide for me.  Here is a modified version of the file.  I have tried multiple changes in the triggers, and I have used true/false variables to no avail!

Essentially I want to

  • ensure that all other numbers on the first slide have been clicked before #7 is active to take the user to a new slide, and
  • on the new slide with the pictograms I have not been successful in ensuring that once the user clicks a pictogram and reads the info that the pictogram changes states to visited on the main page.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth Miles

Hi Melanie,

On your first slide the solution is to set the initial state on #7 to hidden, then use a trigger to change the state to normal when the states of 1-6 are visited.  I made that modification in the attached file.  If you still need help with your second question I'll take a look at that tomorrow.

Hope that helps!  

Michael Hinze

Melanie, see attached a revised file with a few changes:

1. On the various layers I changed the trigger for the close button to hide the layer.

2. On the base layer, I set the initial state of the '7' button to disabled and changed the state so it looks greyed out.

3. On the baselayer, added a slide trigger that changes the state of the '7' button to normal if the states of all other six buttons are 'visited'

4. Set the properties of the pictogram slide's baselayer to 'Resume saved state' (that ensure that the visited states of the pictogramas are shown when layers are close)

Have a look and see if that's what you wanted to achieve.

Melanie Daughtrey

Thank you so much Elizabeth and Michael!

This is so helpful!  I was able to duplicate the first slide to do what I was hoping for.  Michael, as for the properties where do I find that to make the adjustment?  I think that it will adjust the other issue I am battling with as well, so I would appreciate any additional info you have to help me improve my skills.