Trouble with Storyline translation import function

Mar 06, 2013

Hi all

I have a reoccurring issue when importing a document that has had changes made to it during translation that has no obvious cause. Once re-imported, some text boxes lose their text. When you select the text box, the font has also changed to a Microsoft San Serif font. 

At first I thought it was because the changes made in the document were made with a different font to that used in Storyline but that hasn't proved to be the case. It also seems to affect text boxes where no changes have been made. 

This has been very disappointing as one of the main reasons for adopting Storyline was for the translation functionality and at the moment it seems we cannot trust it will work.

Hope you can help.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Oren,

I don't see where Thomas replied to this or started a support case - but were you able to follow the steps previously indicated? Looking at the past cases there wasn't a common thread/issue that was causing the problem so I don't see anything report to our Quality Assurance team to fix. If you'd like us to take a look at your files we're happy to. You can share the Storyline file and the translation document with your changes here in the forum or by connecting with our Support engineers, or I can send you directions on how to share with me directly. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ryan and welcome to Heroes,

I see that you're working on the case with Regil and he shared the following in regards to the test files you sent:

I checked the translation document you sent and I can see some formatting on the Chinese translation. This formatting gets carried out to Storyline during translation import and can produce undesirable results.

To avoid this from happening, please make sure that the original formatting of the translation document does not get overridden while doing the translation.

Please feel free to let us know here if you continue to experience difficulty or reply to your case with Regil.

Quentin Hua

Dear all, Dear Ashley,

We also use very often the translation function and found the same problems as you.

Is there a way to have a kind of "log file" to show which items has not been imported ?

For now, after importing the translation, we export again the course, convert to Excel and wrote a little program to compare the imported file with the exported file and highlight the missing items.

Any progress in Storyline 2 regarding this issue ?

Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Quentin,

There isn't a log file type of feature which would indicate what elements had not been imported - and based on my last post, it seemed there was some extra formatting on the Chinese translation that was causing issues with the translation. I'm glad you were able to find a workaround to create the comparison of the two files. 

Since it seems the issue has been a bit different for a few of the users in this thread, it may be worth checking into the other troubleshooting steps previously mentioned, and then letting our team take a look at your .story file and translation document. I don't see a current report of a similar problem in Storyline 2 yet, and you're always welcome to test out Storyline 2 using the free trial. 

Catherine Orfald

You might try this... I just posted it on another thread since I've had this happen frequently:

Since I kept seeing this issue occur over and over, last time I exported a file for translation from Storyline 2, I first changed the "Normal" font in the Word file to my desired font before sending the file out for translation. I tried this because I noticed that even though the text was in the correct font after exporting, the table cell endings (added automatically to the document upon exporting) were in the Normal font style, which happened to be Calibri, for me. I suspect this may have been what triggered the font error replacement in previous imports, since this time importing worked fine! (Previously, I had ensured the font was correct within the Word doc cells, but I did not check or change the table end-of-cell-markers.)

Aaron Partridge


I am having a similar issue with certain languages  (Turkish, Romanian)

No issue with blank text boxes

But I am getting the formatting problem whereby text comes through in different text styles

I also have an issue regarding the review button not export for translation 

is there a thread related to these issues? or can someone advise?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

I'm happy to help out in this discussion! 

Can you let me know what version of Storyline you're using? You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". Next, I'd also want to have you check that your .story files and your translated documents are all being accessed locally. Working off a network drive or shared folder is known to cause some odd behavior. You can read about this and other best practices to prevent odd behavior here. 

For translating items such as the Review button or other things like the Next/Previous buttons, those can be set using the Player Text Labels. Here's some more detail on how to do that in Storyline (this article is for Storyline 3, but the other versions are similar). 

Aaron Partridge

Hi Ashley,

I am using Storyline 3

I am working off the local drive

I looked at your suggestion of Player Text Labels and I'm not sure that is correct, 

I export the text for translation to a Word Doc when I do this the Review Quiz button doesn't get picked up (the word doc misses it out)? Has anyone else experienced this?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

There are a number of buttons that are only captured in the text labels, and you'll see in the player settings you can change it as shown here to Turkish: 

As for the formatting issues you're also seeing, did you or the translator change the text font in the Word doc? If so, that'll carry through into your Storyline course. If you did not change the font, what fonts are you seeing when translating in? I do see an issue our team is looking into where translating content changes its font after importing the translated Word document, and it seems specific to certain languages, and you'll see a particular font type for that language. It appends Cyr for Russian, CE for Eastern European and TR for Turkish to the font name which breaks the formatting for all the text.

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