Trouble with trigger navigation


I'm hoping someone can help with a problem I am experiencing with Storyline.  I've created a course that includes:

1. Menu, branching to

2. Section 1

3. Section 2

4. Section 3

5. Exam

The user will branch to each section by clicking a rectangle (looks like a sticky note).  At the end of the section, the next button branches back to the main menu.

I've set up some triggers that make the exam button available only when all three sections of the course are complete.  The triggers are set on the rectangles on the main menu slide, whose state should change to "visited" when the section is complete.  When all three sections have this state change, the exam button becomes active. 

The exam button trigger works fine.  The problem I am having is when the section shows as complete.  The state of my object (sticky note) changes to complete as soon as it is clicked on, not when the section is finished.  

On the last slide of each section, I've put a variable called "Section Finished."   This variable is set to change from false to true when the timeline on the last slide ends.  On the main menu, the trigger reads Change state of Rectangle 1 to visited when "Section Finished" changes.  Nonetheless, the state changes as soon as the object is clicked.

Can anyone help me out?  I hope I've made this situation clear.



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Mike Enders


On your main nav slide, set your trigger to look something like this.  Right now, my guess is that your trigger is evaluated the first time the slide starts, but isn't being read again because SL thinks it's already finished with it.  By adding in the "when timeline starts" piece, it will evaluate it each time you return to the slide.  

Dana Le Bherz

Thanks for the suggestion!

I changed the triggers as you suggested.  Still, as soon as I click on Rectangle 1 (or any of the other shapes with triggers), it immediately changes its state to finished, regardless of whether I've completed the whole section, or just looked at one slide.  

It's very important that the student views all the slides in this course, as the course is mandated to take so much time.  If users can click on a section, back up and go straight to the exam, the course won't meet its mandate.

Any other suggestions? 



Mike Enders


What you'll need to is;

1. Create a new state for each button (call it "my special visited"

2. Create a tracking variable (T/F) for each button. Set it to False

3. At the end of, say, section 01,  you'll alter that tracking variable to True.

4. On the main slide, use the same trigger structure I shared with you and at the timeline start, alter the button state change to your special visited state.

5. Now evaluate special visited states to show the quiz button.

Basically, you're recreating a "visited" state approach, but taking more control.