Trouble with Triggers on groups

Jun 23, 2015


I have created the House icon for a home button using the 2 rectangle and a triangle then put a circle around it. It looks really cool. the problem comes when I group the 4 shapes together and try to put a trigger on it. When I preview  the slide the trigger only works on the circle shape. I tried to use hotspots but it seems really glitchy when i am trying to use the hotspot for course navigation. 

Does anyone have a solution that I can do to make the Group a whole item and react as such when my learners are selecting it? 

I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Terry Coe

hey Gary,

Thank you for the response.  The circle is located ion the bottom of the group and has a solid fill. I applied the trigger after I grouped the shapes together. I am also having the same trouble woth a hammer shape that I made out of a bunch of different shapes.

Here are the things that i have tried:

1) a Hotspot- this seemed to work except when they are used to hide a layer and jump to a slide. the layer never hides, it starts over when i navigate back to that slide.

2) Group trigger- this is why i am making the post.

3) trigger only on the bottom circle- give the same effect as a trigger on the group. i cant click on the shapes that are on the circle.

I will get every thing on to an indivdual slide to share in a few minutes.

Thank s again.  

Gary Collins


I see what is going on here now.

What you have done for the Home and Hammer button was grouped the shapes first and then grouped the circle with it. So what you have is a group within a group.

To make this work group the shapes for the icon and the circle as just one group.

What I did was ungroup your buttons, which gave me the circle and another group for your button icon. Then I ungrouped the button icon. Then I selected all the shapes and put them into one group.

I assume what is happening here is when you add the trigger to the group it only gets applied to the top group and not the group within that.

I didn't know it worked that way either, but now we both do.

Try that and let me know if it works for you.

Terry Coe

Thank you Gary,

I have a habit of arganizing things too much for articulates liking sometimes. This sounds like it may be one of those instances. I grouped the shapes so i could play with the color of it uniformly and so i could play with what shape looked best in the background of the button. I will try your suggestion and I willupdate you with the results.

Gary Collins

I think it would be the other way around for programming.

When applying a trigger the programming applies it to the first group. I think they would need to program in some checks to drill down to see how many groups are in the main group that need that same trigger applied to them.

I think it would be less programming to just apply the trigger to the top level group and not check for anymore, which I think they did here.

I think you should submit a feature request though for this. This might be something they never thought of.

Caryn Carman

Hi all,

A question related to this thread - I have a slide which is composed of several objects, a number of groups, and then all of these combined into one mega-group. 

I have triggers on 5 of the sub-groups, and these work fine. 

What's happening though is that when you mouse over the slide in any area, the pointer becomes a hand icon so it looks like the entire slide is a trigger. This is confusing b/c the trigger actually only exists on the sub-groups (which are buttons, and which do work). 

Is there any way to have the sub-groups set with triggers without the entire mega-group being seen as a trigger?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Caryn!

Check out the updates I made to your file, and let me know what you think.

Essentially I selected the "megagroup" and un-grouped it. Then, I applied the 'Fly In From Top' animation to every object on the layer. 

It works the same as it did before, except now the objects are not grouped together. 

I hope that works for you!

Chris Clift

I have a similar problem with two items in a group with no conditions. The trigger was added to each of the groups after the two items were grouped, in fact it was the very last thing I did before saving the file and uploading it here, but for some reason it is not working.

Any ideas?


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing a sample file for us to take a look at Chris.

It seems that grouped text boxes with transparency are not working so well with triggers.

The good news is that you can apply a fill to the group to get around this issue in the meantime.

Your updated file is attached.

I will get this reported to our team as well so that they can take a closer look at the issue.

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