Trouble with Variable

I have three text entry boxes (numerical). I have set the variable for each to zero.

I have an action that evaluates whether the entries in the three TEBs are correct.  If entries are correct, SUBMIT button triggers CORRECT layer to show. Another action will trigger TRY AGAIN layer if any of the three boxes have incorrect value.

I created a variable called attempt. When learner is wrong first time, TRY AGAIN shows and attempt variable is assigned a value of 1.

A third action checks to see if attempt variable = 1. If so, should show INCORRECT layer.  (picture of three actions attached.)

I can't get this to work. Actions evaluate CORRECT and TRY AGAIN perfectly. But the action checking to see if attempt = 1 doesn't work, since after the second try, I get the TRY AGAIN layer, not INCORRECT.

Any ideas? Thanks.




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