Trouble with Variables and state changes when using prev button

I have a set of modules where the next button is disabled when the timeline starts and clicking on all of the buttons changes the state of the button to normal. Variable is then changed when they click the next button. It works fine for most slides, but some of them don't work when you try to go "backwards", use the previous button to look at the slide again - the button states are displayed as visited, but the next button is disabled. I've put an image of the trigger panel below, it's the exact same set up for all slides. I've got slide properties as "resume saved state" for all. Is there a better way to do this? 


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Susi B


just a quick question if it´s not already solved. Did you look at your trigger order? Is it always in the same order? The last one should be "jump to next slide". The trigger order is very important, storyline always starts at the top of the triggerlist, so if the jump is over a variable change, the variable change might not be performed.