Trouble with Variables to show layers in Storyline

Apr 02, 2015

I am working on an online module where I have created a layer that shows between every other layer (you answer a question; you see whether it was right or not).  Each of the question layers sets the variable "lastquestion" and the response layer has a "next" button that should show the next question. 

What happens instead is:

On layer Alcohol & Health - Into, I click on the upper right part of the button to go to Alcohol & Health - 1.1

After watching the video, I click to see layer Alcohol & Health 1q1.

Regardless of my answer, I see layer Your Response Was...

I think my logic says to show Alcohol & Health 1 q2, but for some reason it is showing Alcohol & Health 1 q6.  Can anyone take a look at it and see if they can spot the problem?


Thank you so much!!!

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Christophe Jacobs

Hello Chris,

In my opinion, you are making your project too complicated by adding that many layers to one slide. Maybe split it up more so your project becomes more easily accessible to other people. 

I wanted to check what went wrong, but it will take me too long to understand the logic you use in your project so maybe somebody else will find the time to check out what goes wrong when you use Storyline the way you do.

Maybe split your layers into different screens and still keep them withing a separate scene so you do not lose track which slides are linked.

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