troubles with triggers

I'm still trying to train my brain to think like a trigger/state/variable, etc.

I have a video that is on my slide, but the opening scene is a black screen which may not be intuitive for the user to click. So, I inserted an image with a 'fake' play button on top of the video so the user is not just seeing a black rectangle.

I don't know how to make my trigger work so that when the user clicks the image, the image disappears and the video will play. And when the video is finished, I would like for the fake button picture to show again, allowing the user to play the video again if desired. Thank you!

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Matthew Graham

There are a few options that I've thought of, but there may be more.

1st - You could just simply put a play button on top of the button and set triggers to play media, change state to dissapear when selected, and change back to original state when the media completes.

2nd - Use a layer that dissapears when clicked, plays media, then reappears when the media completes.

3rd - Use Storyline's premade media controls.

I've attached a .story file that shows these three.

Laura Fast

Matthew - thanks so much (and especially for the test.story file). I'm going with option 1 and I think I've copied your example, but when I go to preview the object is not going to the 'selected' state which should make it disappear.

Is there something else that I'm missing? File attached.

Laura Fast

I wondered if SL would be ok with the 'object' being a picture. And, I see that with changing the state to 'Gone' the trigger is now on the picture rather than on the video which seems logical. I had tried it with the trigger on the picture with the 'Selected' state earlier, but it wasn't happy with that, either.

Many, many thanks.