Troubleshooting drag and drop on tablet

Hi everyone,

I am working on Storyline 3. I developed some microlearning with quiz. In some i use the drag and drop exercise. I publish in format HTML5 with flash fallbacks and then it goes into an application on tablet.

On the tablet, the drag and drop doesn't work, i can move slightly the shapes but not up to where they should go. (it is working on the computer though)

I tried to look into the Publish settings but there are not many options. I imagine it's a problem of screen size: the microlearning doesn't fit the full screen so that when moving my finger on the screen, i am scrolling up and down the app (i am not fixed within the micro learning ). Hope that is clear! (not sure though). So i imagine the solution would be to have the microlearning that fits the full size of the screen, does such parameter exist within Storyline3? or do i have to find a solution within my app?

Your help would be very  much appreciated !

Thanks in advance

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Anne Sophie!

It sounds like you've taken the right steps and started troubleshooting! 

Right now, we don't support publishing/viewing on third-party apps which is why you're noticing this inconsistency with drag and drop interactions. This doesn't mean you can't view content on a third-party app, it just means not all interactions are supported.

Not to worry! We have a list of browsers and apps for viewing published Storyline 3 courses. The Articulate Mobile Player app is the only app we recommend publishing courses to because it is built to display the variety of interactions in a course. 

Here is a list of the interactions that can are supported in HTML5, Flash, and AMP.