Troubleshooting Issues with Mobile Devices

I have a mobile quiz game module that works perfectly on the Articulate Player iPad app, however, I have encountered numerous issues on the iPhone and Android devices. Please see list below and let me know if you have any suggestions for how to fix. Thanks!


  • I have dotted outlines around my text entry fields and they don't show up on the iphone
  • I can't check any of the multiple answer check boxes (radio buttons work fine)
  • Some text boxes appear out of alignment (whereas they look fine on the iPad)
  • Depending on the server our modules are uploaded to, the display appears off the screen to the point that you can't use it


  • the keyboard is very difficult to open when I tap in a text entry field and then even when I get it open, it doesn't accept what I have typed
  • I have my module set up to not progress unless a name is typed in the text entry field, so I can't even test further on the android! so frustrating!
  • Ah, thank goodness I waited to post. I tried this on another android phone and it works much better. Any thoughts on how to make modules better for all the different Androids out there?

Any suggestions for these items are appreciated.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Amy!

We haven't yet announced official support for Android devices, but I know many of our users run their courses through them. Hopefully they'll be able to add some advice here. 

As for the iPhone courses, this comparison matrix might help convey the limitations of running a course through HTML5. And for any issues you're experiencing that you don't see outlined in that chart, we'd be happy to take a closer look at them.