Troubleshooting questions

We have started having some trouble with running story.html file with tin can on IE8 in Windows XP.  As I have been combing through the various story files (looking for what might be causing an error that pops up saying "Cannot connect to server. Please  verify that you can connect to the internet. Retyr?"  , I came across a strange entry in the story.js file (hosted at scormcloud):


Several things are disturbing about this:

1. What is a user email account doing embedded in my story.js file?

2. Who is JasonKester? Not one of my users...

Has anyone seen anything like this? Does this look innocent or like the file has been hacked? (strange to leave a user email trail in there..."

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Mark Kizilos

Apparently the last update from Storyline contained this test code in the version that was released to production. I am not sure if this code was responsible for any of my IE8 and Windows XP connectivity issues...I sent an email to Jason and he said he would make sure that it is removed in the next release...